1.                  A while back in my reading I ran across this: “We are passing through an eerie phase of history in which...”  (Budziszewski, 10)


2.                  In the debate we showed Friday evening, we heard voice given to the philosophy which lies beneath a lot of this.




1.                  The Contrast Between Two Views


a.                   Situational choices, or fixed standards


b.                  What each one thinks, or who God is and what he has done


c.                   Doing the least harm, or the responsibility to be a blessing


d.                  Fashionable humanist causes, or practical personal conduct


e.                   Temporary personal fulfillment, or long-term common good


f.                   Avoiding hell, or experiencing judgement



2.                  The Witnesses To The Latter View


a.                   Deep conscience

i.                    Romans 2:15

ii.                  We handle things in a manner which betrays the fact that we know.

iii.                Guilty knowledge occurs because we know.


b.                  Design as such

i.                    Romans 1:20

ii.                  A living cell is a maze of molecular machines.

iii.                Why then isn’t everybody convinced?


c.                   Our own design

i.                    Psalm 139:14

ii.                  Ecclesiastes 3:11

iii.                This shows up in our longings most.


a.                   Natural consequences

i.                    Galatians 6:7-8

ii.                  How this might work in the moral realm

iii.                Romans 1:21, 28-31





1.                  1 Corinthians 1:23


2.                  What makes it so?  Impossibility?  Or is it pride?