A Prophet’s Word To Worshipers

Jeremiah 7:1-15



1.                  “Jeremiah’s Temple Sermon”

a.                   “Amend your ways and your deeds”

b.                  “Do not trust in lying words”

c.                   “I will do to this place as I did to Shiloh”


2.                  Why this text matters

a.                   The manner in which it was delivered

b.                  The central role it plays in the book

c.                   The relevance it has for worshipers at all times


3.                  What this text says

a.                   Not:

i.                    That God does not want his people to worship him

ii.                  That God has nothing to say about how they are to do it

iii.                That their problems can be fixed by ceasing to think of these things

b.                  But:

i.                    That, to God, obedience is better than sacrifice

ii.                  That the house of the Lord is not a den for wrongdoers

iii.                That appearance at worship must not be treated like a good-luck charm


4.                  How this text applies

a.                   Worship must be an expression of trust in the Lord.

b.                  Worship must come from hearts which are receptive to the truth.

c.                   Worship must fashion the inward character of the worshiper.

d.                  Worship must work in personal righteousness, in kindness to people, and in loyalty to God.


5.                  “A sermon that could have saved a people”

a.                   Acts 2:42

b.                  Hebrews 12:28

c.                   Revelation 22:9