Nehemiah 8 – 10



1.         Imagine...


a.         1849 – 1869


b.         A thousand miles away


c.         Four spokesmen


d.         Last one in 1932


e.         Now here again



2.         How could we get back on track?



3.         You will need an answer sometime.


a.         In your career


b.         In your family


c.         In your thinking


d.         In your congregation



4.         It has been done before!


a.         Refresh your understanding of, and your reliance upon, what the Book has always said.  (Neh. 8:1-8)


b.         Do this in a spirit which regards the joy of the LORD as your strength.  (Neh. 8:9-12)


c.         Start doing the right things which are at hand.  (Neh. 8:13-18)


d.         Confess wrongs that are present and ask God for the mercy you need.  (Neh. 9:6-37)


e.         Put yourself in the company of those who commit themselves to a covenant relationship with God.  (Neh. 9:38; 10:28-38)

5.         This turns out to be a perpetual need.



6.         “On track” has to precede “how to get back.”