“We Wish To See Jesus”

                                                                  John 12:20-26



1.         Three surprising things about a lovely request


a.         It is moving that of all the crowds at the feast, it was “some Greeks” who came and politely asked to see Jesus.


b.         It is interesting to observe the hesitancy of Philip in bringing their request to the Lord himself.


c.         It is thought-provoking that Jesus’ answer does not, at first glance, appear to respond to, or even recognize, their request to see him.


2.         But when you think of the setting


a.         John 11:53-57


b.         John 12:7-11, 19


c.         John 12:27-28



3.         If people want to see Jesus


a.         “A grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, but that is when it bears much fruit.”


b.         “It is the one who hates his life in this world who will keep it for eternal life.”


c.         “No one can serve without following, but one who follows will also be where the one whom he serves is.”


d.         “Anyone who serves me will be honored by the Father.”



4.         No sense without Jesus


5.         In view of him, each one is:


a.         A call to a way of life


b.         A consolation for every day of it