Christ and Singing in the Church





1.         What I noticed when I first visited the church was the singing.


2.         What I have been impressed with as the years have gone by is the close connection between the Lord and the singing among his people.




1.         Jesus gave singing an honored place among his people by his own example.


a.         Matthew 26:30


b.         The custom was to sing Psalms 115 to 118, “the great Hallel,” at the Passover meal.


2.         Our Lord exalts the place of singing among his people by singing with us in the church.


a.         Romans 15:6, 9-11


b.         Hebrews 2:10-12


3.         Christ emphasizes singing in the church by giving it a teaching function.


a.         Colossians 3:16


b.         1 Corinthians 14:15, 26


4.         The Lord has honored singing in the church by what he has done through his singing people.


a.         2 Chronicles 20:12, 17, 21-22


b.         Acts 16:25-26


5.         Our Lord and Savior exalts singing in the church by making it a foretaste of heaven.


a.         Revelation 15:3


b.         Hebrews 12:22-24; 13:15





1.         Singing must have an exalted place among us.


2.         It will have if Christ does.