The Man Who Outlived His Voice



1.                  He appears in Scripture as...

a.                   The second child ever born

b.                  The first man to die

c.                   The one who is still speaking


2.                  Abel: the thing consistently noted

a.                   Genesis 4:8-11

b.                  Hebrews 11:4

c.                   Hebrews 12:24


3.                  Abel: doing what we all need

a.                   Continuing to have meaning

b.                  Ecclesiastes 2:17, 22

c.                   Psalm 90:17


4.                  Abel: what he is still saying

a.                   There has to be a judgment.

i.                    Genesis 4:10

ii.                  Genesis 9:6

iii.                Luke 11:49-51

b.                  Righteousness will seem to have lost.

i.                    1 John 3:12, 13

ii.                  Genesis 3:15

iii.                2 Corinthians 5:8

c.                   It matters how men worship God.

i.                    Genesis 4:4

ii.                  1 John 3:12

iii.                Hebrews 11:4

d.                  There is a better word.

i.                    Hebrews 12:24

ii.                  The blood of Christ: forgiveness!

iii.                James 2:13


5.                  “Death is never the last word in the life of a righteous man.”