Genesis: A Brief Introduction to the Problem of Sin



1.                  “...he knew that the best way to avoid Jesus was to avoid sin.”


2.                  Genesis does not let us avoid sin.

a.                   Statements of fact – 4:7; 6:5; 8:21

b.                  Things coming apart – the garden, the ark, the tower

c.                   Characters and their deeds – all of them


3.                  Sin alters the human condition, not human nature.

a.                   Same dual nature: dominion and dependence, image and dust

b.                  Their experience is ours, too – James 1:14, 15

c.                   The reality we face – Rom. 5:12; Psalm 14:1-3; Eccl. 7:20


4.                  Once present, no change of circumstances can overcome it.

a.                   Not a flood, nor a relocation, nor an altar

b.                  Always “crouching at the door”

c.                   Unexpected moments and discouraging cycles


5.                  The state of sin is a heart condition.

a.                   Cover-ups and half truths

b.                  Jealousy and envy

c.                   Manipulative schemes for selfish purposes

d.                  Faithless dealing and cheating

e.                   Resentment and revenge


6.                  When man is lose in the world with a heart like that, the wickedness of sin becomes apparent.

a.                   Noah and his sons

b.                  Sodom, Lot, and his daughters

c.                   Isaac and Rebekah, Esau and Jacob

d.                  Jacob, Laban, and Company

e.                   Dinah and her brothers Simeon and Levi

f.                   Joseph and his brothers

g.                  Judah and Tamar


7.                  There is good news underlying this dark picture.

a.                   Our problem is not medical.

b.                  Neither is it legal.

c.                   It is spiritual.





8.                  If a problem like this is ever overcome, God will have to do it.

a.                   By gracious promise

b.                  With unearthly patience

c.                   Through sovereign providence


9.                  That brings us to the other reality we cannot avoid: Jesus.