With God, On A Journey

Numbers 9:15-23



1.                  What the people had on the way through the wilderness


a.                   The visible presence of God


b.                  The continual leading of God


c.                   The believable authority of God


2.                  What we all long for as we journey: God with us


a.                   Deuteronomy 31:6, 8


b.                  Isaiah 41:10


c.                   Acts 18:9, 10


d.                  Revelation 21:3, 4


3.                  An important lesson from Israel: what having God with you does not mean


a.                   Only that God is present as a reality wherever we are


b.                  That we will not encounter difficulties or disappointments


c.                   That life will be all figured out


4.                  What being with God on a journey does mean


a.                   That a people is in covenant relationship with him


b.                  That disloyalty to him is disgraceful


c.                   That the journey will be completed because of his faithfulness


5.                  Our privilege through the gospel: with God, on a journey


a.                   God is with us when we are in Christ


b.                  God is with us when we are walking in the light