A City of Refuge



1.                  A hunger of the heart: refuge

a.                   Psalm 142:3-5

b.                  Psalm 7:1-2

c.                   Psalm 31:1-2, 5, 15, 19


2.                  A thought drawn from the way of God: cities of refuge

a.                   The promise – Ex. 21:13-14

b.                  The practice – Num. 35:9-29; Deut. 19:1-13

c.                   The provision – Josh. 20:1-9


3.                  A legal necessity:  refuge from the avenger

a.                   “Whoever sheds the blood of man...”

b.                  “From the avenger of blood”

c.                   “Lest innocent blood be shed in your land”


4.                  A need satisfied: refuge in judgment with mercy

a.                   Six cities among the priests

b.                  The way known and accessible

c.                   Flee to stand before the congregation for judgment

d.                  Stay in the city until the death of the high priest

e.                   One way for citizen, stranger, or sojourner


5.                  A shadow of Christ:  “we who have fled for refuge”

a.                   Strong encouragement to hold fast

b.                  Until the death of the high priest

c.                   A tone of humble hope


6.                  An appeal to every heart: choose your refuge wisely!

a.                   Psalm 34:8, 22

b.                  Psalm 52:7


7.                  A city of refuge: an illustration to remember

a.                   Enter the city in the way God has appointed

b.                  Stay in the city until you go home