Psalm 69



1.                  69:1-4.† Spread out the whole situation before God.


2.                  69:5-8.† Be honest about your weaknesses and careful about your influence.


3.                  69:9-12.† Seek to bear your responsibility, not to escape it.


4.                  69:13-18.† Appeal to what God has made known about himself and ask him to draw near

††††††††††† to your soul.


5.                  69:19-20.† Take comfort in the fact that God knows.


6.                  69:21-28.† Release indignation by calling upon God to vindicate his own righteousness and faith which has been placed in him.


7.                  69:29.† Leave it there.† Surrender yourself to the care of God.


8.                  69:30-33.† Commit yourself to gratitude for what you know of God.


9.                  69:34-36.† Hold in mind the wider picture of Godís love and plan.