2 Thessalonians 2:16-17





1.         There are “what-now” occasions in every life.


2.         In a Christian life moments like these can have a different tone.  Our text, which has been described as “a wish which has the solemnity of a prayer,” shows why.


3.         The precious line of thought in this “prayer-wish” may be traced through the meaningful pairs of expressions that are used.




1.         The persons whose help is anticipated


a.         An owner: “our Lord Jesus Christ”


b.         A protector: “God our Father”


2.         Their past behavior toward us


a.         Active good-will: “who loved us”


b.         Costly provision: “and gave us”


3.         The possession existing among us


a.         Unfailing encouragement: “eternal comfort”


b.         Bright expectations: “good hope”


4.         The present need within us


a.         Inward strength: “comfort your hearts”


b.         Outward standing: “establish them”


5.         The production expected from us


a.         Doing: “in every good work”


b.         Saying: “in every good...word”



1.         The past is dominated by what the Father has done in Christ to give us unfailing encouragement and bright hopes.  In the future, he is to be honored by strong goodness in every activity of life.  For that to happen, we need him to comfort and strengthen us right now.


2.         There is another pair of words in the prayer-wish we have been thinking through which is essential to its message.


a.         “Grace” – the undeserved blessing of God.


b.         “Our” – the brothers who believe and obey the gospel.


3.         Now...what?