1.                  The kingdom of heaven...

                        In the midst of the kingdom of men...



2.                  Titus: understanding our place in the world.

a.                   Among the low-cultured Cretans (1:12)

b.                  An inexperienced church before ill-intentioned workers (1:5, 10, 16)

c.                   Yet, expected to take on that environment and to thrive (3:14)


3.                  How?  The church is in the world to set in motion a cycle of godliness.





1.                  Christ is to be presented in the midst of the world through sound doctrine.

a.                   The rich heart of Titus is Christ, our great God and Savior.

i.                    Has appeared in grace, will appear in glory (2:11, 13)

ii.                  Gave himself to redeem from lawlessness and to purify for himself a people (2:14)

iii.                His goodness and loving kindness transforms them (3:4)

b.                  Sound doctrine sets Christ before the world accurately.

i.                    The truth (1:1-3)

ii.                  True in proportion (1:9)

iii.                From truthful motives (1:14)


2.                  Sound doctrine must lead to holy living among those who hold to it.

a.                   The theme of Titus is the link between doctrine and duty.

i.                    As a congregation (1:5-16)

ii.                  Among family members (2:1-15)

iii.                Toward the community at large (3:1-11)

b.                  The church must live in this present age as if trained by grace.

i.                    Renouncing ungodliness and worldly passions (2:12)

ii.                  Living self-controlled, upright, and godly lives (2:12)

iii.                Waiting for our blessed hope (2:13)


3.                  Holy living should make the doctrine of Christ more attractive to the world.

a.                   A major concern in Titus is the impression of the gospel church members leave.

i.                    “That the word of God not be reviled” (2:5)

ii.                  “So that an opponent may be put to shame” (2:8)

iii.                “So that in everything they may adorn the doctrine” (2:10)

b.                  What is there about godly living that adds luster to the word?

i.                    The hopeful tone (1:2; 2:13; 3:7)

ii.                  The eagerness for good works (2:14; 3:1, 8, 14)

iii.                The respectful relationships across generational or class lines (2:1f; 3:2)





1.                  The kingdom of heaven lives between grace and glory to initiate that very cycle in the midst of the kingdom of men.


2.                  Where else will a better world begin?


3.                  “Lord Jesus Christ, alive and at large in the world,

             Help me to follow and find you there today....”