The Biblical Doctrine of God

Isaiah 43-46





1.                  Isaiah 43:1-4, one of the loveliest thoughts in Scripture

a.                   “Fear are mine”

b.                  “When you pass through...I will be with you...they shall not overwhelm you”

c.                   “For I am the LORD your God...your Savior...and I love you...I am with you”


2.                  An assurance that turns on the most challenging thought in the Bible, Isaiah 43:10-11

a.                   That this God is GOD

b.                  That there is no god before or after him

c.                   That besides him there is no savior


3.                  These chapters of Isaiah dwell on the contrasts between the living God and the idols of man, and the rest of the Bible plays out in the shadow of this doctrine.





1.                  The Central Truth of Life


a.                   The refrain of this section: “There is no God besides me.”

i.                    Isa. 44:6, 8

ii.                  Isa. 45:5, 6, 21

iii.                Isa. 46:9


b.                  The resounding implications of the claim

i.                    No idols

ii.                  No treating the LORD like an idol

iii.                No life without him


2.                  The Characteristics of God which Set Him Apart


a.                   He makes the material world; it did not make him.

i.                    Isa. 44:24

ii.                  Isa. 45:7, 12

iii.                Isa. 48:13


b.                  He moves and acts as he will; he is not carried about according to the will of the people.

i.                    Isa. 43:13

ii.                  Isa. 44:9

iii.                Isa. 46:3-4, 7

c.                   He declares the end from the beginning and accomplishes what he says.  What he speaks comes to pass.

i.                    Isa. 44:7

ii.                  Isa. 44:26

iii.                Isa. 46:10, 11


d.                  He blots out transgressions and sins because of his own grace; he is not pacified by people.

i.                    Isa. 43:22-24

ii.                  Isa. 43:25

iii.                Isa. 44:22


e.                   He declares what is right and is the measure of truth; the evolving opinions of men are not.

i.                    Isa. 45:18-19

ii.                  John 17:17

iii.                Isa. 45:9





1.                  God is making himself known, calling for hearts, seeking relationship.


2.                  Central to this section of Isaiah is his desire for a people who know him.

a.                   “For my glory,” 43:7

b.                  “My chosen people...that they might declare my praise,” 43:10,


c.                   “For Israel my glory,” 46:12-13


3.                  But, to have a people of his own, he would have to act as their savior.