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Date Speaker Title Length Pod
03/18/18 AM Bill McFarland Table and Word
1 Corinthians 10:14-22
24:00 MP3
03/18/18 PM Bill McFarland When Bartimaeus Saw Jesus
Mark 10:46-52
29:09 MP3
03/11/18 AM Bill McFarland What Must I Do To Inherit Eternal Life?
Luke 18:18-30
24:57 MP3
03/11/18 PM Bill McFarland The Power of God and the Wisdom of God
1 Corinthians 1:24
20:41 MP3
03/04/18 AM Luke Dockery Youth In Family Ministry 29:46 MP3
03/04/18 PM Bill McFarland James: The Illustrated Faith of Christ 29:02 MP3
03/03/18 AM Luke Dockery Session 1
Crisis in Youth Ministry
53:42 MP3
03/03/18 AM Luke Dockery Session 2
Family and the Spiritual Formation of Young People
64:45 MP3
03/03/18 PM Luke Dockery Session 3
Family Based Youth Ministry in the Local Church
61:11 MP3
02/25/18 AM Bill McFarland What Is That In Your Hand?
Exodus 4:2
26:01 MP3
02/25/18 PM Bill McFarland A Christian Walk In A Secular City
1 Thessalonians
32:13 MP3
02/18/18 AM Bill McFarland In the Middle of the Gospel
Mark 8-10
23:43 MP3
02/18/18 PM Bill McFarland Miracles Jesus Didn't Do 29:48 MP3
02/04/18 AM Bill McFarland  How to Keep Your Head
Mark 6:14-29
31:24 MP3
02/04/18 PM Bill McFarland It Matters Who Your Host Is
Mark 6:33-44
22:22 MP3
01/28/18 AM Bill McFarland I Saw The Lord
Isaiah 6
33:47 MP3
01/28/18 PM Bill McFarland And the Seed Sprouts and Grows
Mark 4:26-29
27:38 MP3
01/21/18 AM Bill McFarland  By the Renewing of Your Mind
Romans 12:2
30:56 MP3
01/21/18 PM Bill McFarland Singing the Promises of God 36:02 MP3
01/14/18 AM Bill McFarland O Sovereign Lord
Romans 9
29:58 MP3
01/14/18 PM Bill McFarland Living With A Promise
Hebrews 11
22:27 MP3
01/07/18 AM Bill McFarland His Glory, His Will, and His Servant
Psalm 19
27:06 MP3
01/07/18 PM Bill McFarland Peace, Grace, and Hope
Romans 5:1-5
24:57 MP3
12/31/17 AM Bill McFarland Who is it That Overcomes the World?
1 John 5:4-5
29:24 MP3
12/31/17 PM Bill McFarland Who Can Live in God's House?
Psalm 15
24:14 MP3
12/24/17 AM Bill McFarland What Do You Think About the Christ?
Matthew 22:41-46
28:58 MP3
12/24/17 PM Bill McFarland Christ is Born 27:51 MP3
12/17/17 AM Bill McFarland What Shall I Do?
Acts 2 & 16
30:34 MP3
12/17/17 PM Steven Ashcraft Africa Update 35:34 MP3
12/10/17 AM Adam Blaney Congregational Life
1 Thessalonians 5:12-24
32:41 MP3
12/03/17 AM Adam Blaney You Have Heard it Said
Matthew 5
33:05 MP3
12/03/17 PM Adam Blaney You Have Heard it Said
Matthew 5
30:41 MP3
11/26/17 AM Bill McFarland What Then Shall We Say to These Things?
Romans 8:31-39
31:19 MP3
11/26/17 PM Bill McFarland  Do You Not Know?
1 Corinthians
30:13 MP3
11/19/17 AM Bill McFarland A Blessing of Giving 29:40 MP3
11/19/17 PM Bill McFarland Was No One Found to Give Praise to God Except this Foreigner?
Luke 17:18
28:10 MP3
11/12/17 AM Bill McFarland A Practice of Giving 25:31 MP3
11/12/17 PM Bill McFarland Am I Now Seeking the Approval of Man, or of God?
Galatians 1:10
25:52 MP3
11/05/17 AM Bill McFarland A History of Giving 33:37 MP3
11/05/17 PM Bill McFarland The Queen's Treasurer
Acts 8:26-39
30:09 MP3
10/29/17 AM Bill McFarland Maintaining a Belief System That Will Support Godly Living
30:33 MP3
10/29/17 PM Bill McFarland Who is Sufficient for These Things?
2 Corinthians 2:16
27:04 MP3
10/22/17 AM Bill McFarland You Have Been Filled In Him
30:01 MP3
10/22/17 PM Barney Crawford Fair Haven Update 35:25 MP3
10/15/17 AM Bill McFarland Again I Will Say Rejoice
Philippians 4:4-10
34:07 MP3
10/15/17 PM Bill McFarland How Did You Get In Here Without a Wedding Garment?
Matthew 22:12
25:59 MP3
10/08/17 AM Adam Blaney Has God Rejected His People?
Romans 11
33:40 MP3
10/08/17 PM Ron Brown Asia Mission Update 51:46 MP3
10/01/17 AM Bill McFarland The Lord and the Lawyer
Luke 10:25-37
34:47 MP3
10/01/17 PM Bill McFarland Whom Do You Seek?
John 18:4,7; 20:15
28:26 MP3
09/24/17 AM Bill McFarland When the Cares of My Heart are Many
Psalm 94
27:16 MP3
09/24/17 PM Bill McFarland What Do You Want?
Mark 10:35-52
28:35 MP3
09/17/17 AM Bill McFarland The Faith of Hope
John 12:27-33
31:25 MP3
09/17/17 PM Bill McFarland Am I Not Allowed to do What I Choose With What Belongs to Me?
Matthew 20:15
34:37 MP3
09/10/17 AM Bill McFarland Connections
Colossians 4:7-14
29:30 MP3
09/10/17 PM Bill McFarland Who is the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?
Matthew 18:1
25:46 MP3
09/03/17 AM Bill McFarland I Believe and We Know 33:51 MP3
09/03/17 PM Bill McFarland  Will He Find Faith on Earth?
Luke 18:8
32:46 MP3
08/30/17 Johnathan House A Fruitful People: The Spirit in the Life of a Congregation
44:46 MP3
08/27/17 AM Bill McFarland When Brothers Dwell Together
Psalm 133:1
32:31 MP3
08/27/17 PM Bill McFarland Do You Think it Was Because They Were Worse Sinners?
Luke 13:2
34:00 MP3
08/23/17 Joe Bright A Fruitful People: The Spirit in the Life of a Congregation
31:47 MP3
08/20/17 AM Bill McFarland Well Might the Sun in Darkness Hide 27:23 MP3
08/20/17 PM Bill McFarland Why Did You Doubt?
Matthew 14:31
29:56 MP3
08/16/17 Tony Gentry A Fruitful People: The Spirit in the Life of a Congregation
38:54 MP3
08/13/17 AM Bill McFarland How Then Will They Call On Him?
Romans 10:14
30:54 MP3
08/13/17 PM The Men Blessings For the School Year 46:50 MP3
08/09/17 Rob Hadley A Fruitful People: The Spirit in the Life of a Congregation
37:53 MP3
08/06/17 AM Bill McFarland No Question
The Letters to Timothy
28:28 MP3
08/06/17 PM Bill McFarland Who, and Who Else?
Matthew 16:15, John 6:68
24:03 MP3
08/02/17 Jason Hart A Fruitful People: The Spirit in the Life of a Congregation
47:03 MP3
07/30/17 AM Bill McFarland And That's What It's All About 24:53 MP3
07/30/17 PM Bill McFarland How Many Loaves Do You Have?
Mark 6
30:11 MP3
07/26/17 Ken Burton A Fruitful People: The Spirit in the Life of a Congregation
36:34 MP3
07/23/17 AM Byron Nichols And the Word Became Flesh
John 1:14
22:07 MP3
07/19/17 Josh Romo A Fruitful People: The Spirit in the Life of a Congregation
45:07 MP3
07/16/17 AM Bill McFarland God's People: His Greatest Work
Psalms 111 & 112
32:40 MP3
07/16/17 PM Barney Crawford Give Us a King
1 Samuel 8
20:26 MP3
07/12/17 Beau Bennett A Fruitful People: The Spirit in the Life of a Congregation
41:04 MP3
07/09/17 AM Bill McFarland My Father's House
The Landmark of a Life
25:24 MP3
07/09/17 PM Bill McFarland What is Our Hope or Joy or Crown?
1 Thessalonians 2:19
29:36 MP3
07/05/17 Danny Boggs A Fruitful People: The Spirit in the Life of a Congregation
43:51 MP3
07/02/17 AM Bill McFarland What is the Kingdom of God Like?
Luke 13:18
28:41 MP3
07/02/17 PM Bill McFarland Has God Forgotten to be Gracious?
Psalm 77:9
29:51 MP3
06/28/17 Jake King A Fruitful People: The Spirit in the Life of a Congregation
42:30 MP3
06/25/17 AM Bill McFarland Why Do You Speak to Them in Parables?
Matthew 13:10
30:51 MP3
06/25/17 PM Bill McFarland Where Did This Man Get This Wisdom and These Mighty Works?
Matthew 13:54
31:59 MP3
06/21/17 Bobby Dockery A Fruitful People: The Spirit in the Life of a Congregation
Divine Horticulture
35:41 MP3
06/18/17 AM Bill McFarland The Ruler's House
Luke 8:49
27:33 MP3
06/18/17 PM Bill McFarland Who is This, and What Does He Have to do With Me?
Luke 8:25,28
26:05 MP3
06/11/17 AM Bill McFarland What is Your Life?
James 4:14
29:23 MP3
06/11/17 PM Bill McFarland Are You Greater Than Our Father Abraham?
John 8:53
35:19 MP3
06/04/17 AM Adam Blaney He Gives More Grace
James 4:1-10
30:18 MP3
05/28/17 AM Bill McFarland What Do You Mean?
Ezekiel 18:2
31:21 MP3
05/28/17 PM Bill McFarland Are You Able?
Daniel 2:26
30:13 MP3
05/21/17 AM Bill McFarland Who Obeys a Servant?
Isaiah 50:10
31:42 MP3
05/21/17 PM Bill McFarland How Can I Pardon You?
Jeremiah 5:7
34:00 MP3
05/14/17 AM Bill McFarland Mary's House
Acts 12:12
29:36 MP3
05/14/17 PM Bill McFarland Who has Ascended to Heaven and Come Down?
Proverbs 30:4-17
25:19 MP3
05/07/17 AM Bill McFarland You Know Who You Are
1 Peter 2:10
27:12 MP3
05/07/17 PM Bill McFarland Who Knows Whether You Have Not Come to the Kingdom
 for Such a Time as This?
Ester 4:14
31:21 MP3
04/30/17 AM Bill McFarland Believing
From His Being Christ to Our Being Christians
31:44 MP3
04/30/17 PM Adam Blaney Why Are You Cast Down, Soul?
Psalm 42
29:21 MP3
04/23/17 AM Justin Hatfield The Other Side
John 20
25:21 MP3
04/23/17 PM The Young Men Make Him Known
35:56 MP3
04/16/17 AM Bill McFarland The Hour Has Come
The Offering and the Overcoming of Jesus
20:11 MP3
04/16/17 PM Bill McFarland If a Man Die, Shall He Live Again?
Job 14:14
30:52 MP3
04/09/17 AM Bill McFarland Tension in the Air
The Hour of Jesus Draws Near
37:17 MP3
04/09/17 PM Bill McFarland On What Do You Rest This Trust of Yours?
2 Kings 18:19
31:38 MP3
04/02/17 AM Bill McFarland Heaven Calling
The Meaning of the Signs Jesus Did
32:30 MP3
04/02/17 PM Adam Blaney How Long...
1 Kings 18 and 19
30:54 MP3
03/26/17 AM Bill McFarland The Heart For It
Jesus and the Energy for Service
31:44 MP3
03/26/17 PM Bill McFarland Why Have You Despised the Word of the Lord to do What is Evil?
2 Samuel 12:9
27:38 MP3

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