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Welcome Friends!

Greetings from the members of the Water Mill Church of Christ! We extend to you a hearty invitation to be our guest in our Bible classes and worship assemblies as we seek the Lord's way together.

We believe that you will receive a warm welcome and that you will feel good about what you find in the congregation here. We are not perfect people, but we serve a perfect God through a perfect revelation. We are trying to be directed by the Scriptures in all we do, and to be a family of brothers and sisters united by our common love for the Lord and each other. We want to be a faithful, hopeful and loving group of Christians.


Listen to our Summer Series!

“What The Lord Would Say to His People in Our World”
based on the Minor Prophets

June 5 The Minor Prophets Ken Burton
June 12 Hosea Derek Yarber
June 19 Joel Lance Cordle
June 26 Amos Jack English
July 3 Obadiah Bill McFarland
July 10 Jonah Chris Brill
July 17 Micah Daniel Meinsen
July 24 Nahum Jason Hart
July 31 Habakkuk Richard Chambers
Aug. 7 Zephaniah Beau Bennett
Aug. 14 Haggai Danny Boggs
Aug. 21 Zechariah  Steve Stamatis
Aug. 28 Malachi Robb Hadley


Schedule of Services
Sunday Morning Classes 9:00am
Sunday Morning Worship 10:00am
Sunday Evening Worship  5:00pm
Wednesday Evening Classes  6:30pm